Does Your Local Midland Home Insurance Cover Raccoon Damage?

When the Midland raccoon caused damage to your property, you are probably wondering if your home insurance will provide you coverage. Supposed that the raccoon has caused the weakening of your house foundation, the damages can be covered by the home insurance policy. The other structural damages in your insurance policy will protect the structures that are not directly connected with your property. This means that in the event that the raccoon destroyed your fence, the home insurance will cover your repair expenses.

Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

You will have to review the deductible in your Texas policy. This will tell you the amount that you need to pay before your insurance policy will be activated. You should also review the limits of your coverage which will highlight the maximum coverage that your policy is providing. This will help you understand your protection against the possible damages during a raccoon infestation.

Does it Exclude Certain Kinds of Damages?

While the damages that are caused by the Midland raccoon will be covered under your home insurance policy, this will not be extended on the damages on our personal properties. For instance, in case the raccoon destroyed your garage, they will shoulder the cost of repairing your garage. However, the items that you stored inside the garage that were destroyed will not be protected. So in case the raccoon destroyed your wall, they can reimburse the expenses for your new wall, but on the off chance that your lawnmowers were damaged, they will not cover the expenses.

Apart from that, the damages that are caused by the Texas animal secretion and waste will also be excluded in your policy. Your home insurance policy will also not cover the expenses for the removal of the raccoon in your property. 

Things You Should Discuss With Your Insurance Provider

Your policy should define the section that referred to vandalism in a manner that will enable you to receive the compensation effortlessly. You need to ask your agent on the things that your insurance covers with regards to the raccoon damages. These are just some of the things that you need to discuss with them. 

Raccoons are not Texas rodents which mean that they should be covered by your insurance policy. Nonetheless, expect that the insurance agency will accuse you of not doing any preventative measures that lead to the full-blown infestation. This may prevent you from getting the highest possible amount of compensation. Again, you will need to discuss this with your insurance agent especially if you live in a community where there are lots of wild animals such as raccoons. 

When you are planning to sign up for a Midland home insurance policy, you need to take time and discuss the entire possible scenarios with your agent. You can then ask them if you will be covered in case a specific scenario happened. Keep in mind that the damage should've occurred in a single and distinguishable event. This means that the damages should not occur during an extended period where you can possibly conduct preventative measure to thwart the damage.

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