Simple Guide in Using Exclusion Funnels to Rid of Your Texas Rat Problem Humanely!

Rats have a destructive nature. They will gnaw on various construction materials in our Midland house to control the growth of their teeth. They can carry around 50 zoonotic diseases that can be deadly if not treated appropriately. They can reproduce at an outstanding rate. It will not be impossible for you to experience a full-blown infestation. For those who don't want to have a physical contact with the rats, using exclusion devices would be an excellent option.

How to Install the Exclusion Funnel

The installation of the exclusion funnel will be simple for those who have an experience but those who lack the knowledge may find the whole process a bit daunting. In order to help you in the proper installation of your exclusion device we have created a systematic guide about the setting up of your 1-way exclusion door.


The entire process will start with the inspection of your Midland property. We encourage our reader to perform inspection two times each year. Start with the inspection of your exterior. You need to document all the structural damages that you noticed during the inspection. If you want the process to be more seamless, we encourage you to print a picture of your house, or create a rough draft of the exterior part of the structure. Once you noticed the damage, you simply have to highlight the damage in the picture. Your foundation is also vulnerable to the infestation of the rat so be sure to inspect it. List all the possible access point of the rat. 

Looking for an Active Rat Infestation

Determining the area of your Texas house where there is an active rat infestation will allow you to concentrate your effort in that particular area. After the initial inspection, you may want to conduct a secondary inspection in the place of infestation. While you are analyzing that area, be sure to look for any possible food and water sources that are attracting the rats. This would probably be a feeding station or remnants of foods 

Sealing the Holes

Once you determine the potential problems that are causing your rat infestation, it is time to find a solution. Your exclusion device would only be effective if you managed to treat the root cause of your problem. Seal the holes with construction-grade materials. If you are using metal sheet or wood, refrain from using nails when affixing them on your property. Screws would be a better option. Avoid sealing it with bird nettings since the rat can easily destroy it. Use wire mesh or hardware cloth instead. Also try to remove the thing that has been attracting the rats inside your house.

Installing the Exclusion Funnels

Leave one access point open where you will install the exclusion funnel. After 3 days, place newspaper on the surface of the Texas room where there is an infestation. Return after a few days and observe if there are fresh droppings in the newspaper. This will be a sign that you are not successful in using the exclusion funnel. On the contrary, if there are no signs of infestations, you should remove the exclusion funnel after 2 weeks and seal the final hole.

In case you find the process a bit complicated, talk to your local Midland wildlife specialist that will assist you in dealing with the rats that has been causing significant damages to your house.

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