How to Catch a Midland Squirrel While Using a Snare Pole - Easy Tricks and Tips

Some people try to catch the Midland squirrel using their bare hands but this is not advisable. We would like to remind everyone that squirrels have lightning reflexes. Those that are easy to capture will most possibly be sick. Some of their infectious diseases can be transmitted to humans. With the availability of different tools that you can use to catch the squirrel, you will be able to capture them while staying safe. One of the most preferred tools to restrain them would be the snare pole.

Using Snare Poles to Catch the Texas Squirrel

Snare pole, commonly known as catch pole, is consist of an extended stick with a loop on its edge. It is intended to humanely restrain the movement of an animal such as a dog or a squirrel. You should never use this as a weapon since it can endanger you and the animal that you are catching. 

Analyze the Condition of Your Snare Pole

Before you start using your Midland snare pole, it is highly recommended to examine the condition of your pole. It is essential to keep the cable and the pole from functioning without any hassle. The loop should be able to retain its original round shape rather than a distorted or tear-shape. Simply lay the cable flat on the ground to check if it is still in its perfect shape. It is advisable to replace the cable every 18 to 24 months.

Proper Approach

Approach the Texas squirrel in a mild manner and make small and subtle steps. You should not aim the catch pole on the squirrel when approaching them. Keep the snare pole at the back or at the side. Moving towards the squirrel with the pole held high will make the creature understand that you are attacking them. Catch them using both of your hands to keep the pole secure. Smoothly insert the loop on the neck and under the front leg of the squirrel (bandolier-style). It is not advisable to insert the loop on their chest or neck. When tightening the loop, remember that it should never choke the squirrel. You should also not use the pole to force the creature into submission.

Do Not Pull Them

You should never lift, pull, or drag the poor Texas creature. Their body is too fragile and they can easily suffer from internal bleeding if you add force to your catch pole. You may throw a blanket on the squirrel while holding the pole and then scoop the blanket. Be sure that you will wear protective gloves while doing this. Immediately place the squirrel in the container and loosen the cable. 

Most of the Midland wildlife removal experts will consider snare poles as the most essential tool or equipment that they can use for squirrel exclusion. However, when compared to the other tool, the efficacy of the snare pole is determined by the person using it. Learning the fundamentals of using snare pole would be important to increase the success of catching the creature. 

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